3 Simple Changes to Better Studying
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"I am on a mission to prove that school doesn’t have to be hard and that ANY student (including you) can be great!"



Hi, I'm Andre Pinesett, M.D., MPH

Over the last 15+ years, I have helped thousands of students get motivated, get better grades with less studying, and ultimately achieve their academic goals.

I was the under-performing, stressed out student, so I completely understand.

But I developed a revolutionary new approach to studying and time management that changed everything and enabled me to DOMINATE college, graduate from Stanford Medical School and complete my anesthesia residency. 

I am on a mission to prove that school doesn’t 
have to be hard and that ANY student (including you) can be great!



"Thanks to Dr. Pinesett for taking all your time and effort putting together this course. I will definitely have to go back and re-watch some things as I go through my courses but the money spent on this course was worth it. I already feel more confident in my study-times.

Thank you again, Dr. Pinesett!"

Dawn Payne
Dr. Pinesett is the bomb!

"Great advice and motivation to start the path to medical school. Loved how there were key components in the course that opened my eyes to certain things I was not aware of. I am surely more focused now than ever to pursue my career in medicine.

Thank-you Dr. Pinesett! Awesome Motivation!"

Hector Rivas
Awesome Motivation!

"This course got me into a totally different mindset in preparing to apply for medical school. So much information I had to watch it twice! I'm thankful for lifetime access as I'm sure I'll come back to this course for motivation and inspiration."

Kyle Boyd
Completely rewired my thinking...

"I have only had this course for about a month now, and I have already seen such a drastic improvement in my study habits. This course helps you to constantly refine your study habits and become a better studier. I know that with time, I will be able to study only 10 hours a week, like Dr. Pinesett did during his undergraduate years, and still earn better grades than everyone else."

Kofi A.
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"3 Simple Changes to Better Studying"

Learn 3 changes that you can make today, that will immediately make you a more efficient and effective student!



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