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"I am on a mission to prove that school doesn’t have to be hard and that ANY student (including you) can be great!"



Hi, I'm Andre Pinesett, M.D., MPH

For over 15 years, I have helped thousands of students get motivated, get better grades with less studying, and ultimately achieve their academic goals.

I was the under-performing, stressed out student, so I completely understand.

But I developed a revolutionary new approach to studying and time management that changed everything and enabled me to DOMINATE college while only studying 10 hours per week, and graduate from Stanford Medical School in the top 5% of my class.

Now, I'm on a mission to prove that school doesn’t 
have to be hard, that studying can be fun and that ANY student (including you) can be great!



Don’t take it from me, listen to my student.

Let me help you take control of your future!
How can I help you?
Much of what you think you know about studying, simply isn’t so. If you are sick of tips, tricks and hacks, and you’re ready to learn a proven system that will put an end to stress, struggle, and poor-performance forever, click below to learn more.
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Are you sick of searching the internet endlessly for answers? Search no more. I will guide you step-by-step through every aspect of the pre-med process allowing you to efficiently dominate pre-med, the MCAT and the entire admissions process. Click below to learn more.
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a Doctor
Do you wish your students were more engaged, more excited and more exceptional? I am a transformational keynote speaker that will fire them up and leave them with high-level, actionable knowledge and plans that will immediately propel them to new levels. 
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"3 Simple Changes to Better Studying"

Learn 3 changes that you can make today, that will immediately make you a more efficient and effective student!

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