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“It’s TRUE!!! It is actually true what people say about the effectiveness of Dr. Pinesett's course. He not only tells you what you need to do to succeed but explains how to go about doing so and motivates you in the process. By simply listening to him speak, you can tell how passionate he is about helping his students dominate! I would recommend this course to anyone!”
- Evans Okonkwo

Hi, I’m Dr. Andre Pinesett,
a Stanford Medical School Graduate, and I am here to help you transform into an unstoppable, stress-free student.

As a low-income, first generation college student I always felt that everyone else was better than me. I spent my first year of college sitting in lectures completely confused and overwhelmed. But, I was too self-conscious to ask questions or seek help. I thought getting A’s was impossible because I wasn’t as smart as the other students. My college counselor confirmed my suspicions when I met with her at the end of the year. She told me that I wasn’t exceptional and that I didn’t have what it took to get into medical school.

I was heart-broken at first, but that hurt turned into heat. It lit a fire in me to become exceptional and prove her wrong. My mantra became “No Excuses, Just Dominate” and I committed myself to following 3 key principles: Start Early, Study Smart, Finish Strong. This changed my life forever and allowed me to become a stellar student and get into Stanford Medical School.

My passion is helping students be their best and over the last 15+ years, I have helped thousands of students get better grades with less stress and achieve their goals. This course will remove all the harmful beliefs and ineffective strategies you have and replace them with the tools you need to establish a strong foundation for unlimited success!

If you find it hard to believe in yourself…
If you lack motivation…
If you procrastinate constantly…
If you are sick of studying and studying and never getting the results…
And you are sick of watching everyone else succeed while you stress and struggle…
Then, you need to enroll in this course and let me teach you the 3 principles that will change your life (like I did mine) and make you insanely successful.

"Before beginning this course, I was unsure if I could improve my study habits and maximize my potential. From the very first lesson, I realized that people (myself included) tend to take things for granted and fail to live up to actually bettering themselves. It is amazing that most of the steps needed to be a better student does not actually require a textbook. If 1 pillar can greatly improve my learning and studying, it is amazing to think about eventually applying all 5 pillars. I recommend Dr. Pinesett’s courses to anyone who is committed to succeeding."

Maximilian Bell
The 1st Step

"I am pretty bad at studying and not super smart, so I would struggle with learning, I always felt like I had so much to do and I hated having to sit down and try to study. I found this course a few weeks ago and tried out what he taught, and suddenly I have so much time in my day. I go to class knowing the material and absolutely dominating. I get so much done when I sit down to study. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who feels like they are struggling in school and needs help to better themselves."

Dallin Woolf
This really worked for me.

"The section on "Study Hard vs Study Smart" hit home for me. I appreciate Dr. Pinesett breaking down the differences between the two because like most people I have studied really really HARD but not SMART. While I thought I was trying my best, I was not earning the grades I knew I was capable of. The course was enlightening and had practical tips I could apply right away instead of some mystical theory I couldn't understand."

Erica Brown
Follow His Lead

"This course was great. It touches on every obstacle and barrier we can face and provides solutions for them all. I'm so grateful to have purchased this course. And the information that I've gathered from this course will definitely help me study more efficiently. Dr. Pinesett, thank you!!!"

Will Jones
So Impactful
Course Curriculum


The Difference Between Who You Are and Who You Want to Be

The Prodigy Fallacy

Prodigy Case Study #1

Prodigy Case Study #2

How to Become a Study Prodigy Pt. 1

How to Become a Study Prodigy Pt. 2

How to Become a Study Prodigy Pt. 3

Prodigy Case Study #3: Dr. Pinesett

What is Smart Studying?

The 3 Fallacies of Studying Smart

The 3 Truths of Studying Smart

Studying Hard vs. Studying Smart

6 Keys to Studying Smart Pt. 1

6 Keys to Studying Smart Pt. 2

6 Keys to Studying Smart Pt. 3

Finisher or Flopper?




David or Goliath?

No Excuses, Just Dominate


This course will allow you to:
Develop an unbreakable mindset that will enable you to unlock potential you never knew you had
Reduce your stress and be a happier, healthier student
Beat procrastination, for once and for all
Understand how to study smart, instead of studying hard, so that you can get better grades in less time
Establish productive goals and achieve beyond your wildest dreams

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This is your chance to stop being average, take control of your life and unlock your greatness, don’t let it pass you by!


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My Commitment to Your Success
Dr. Andre Pinesett

I’m Dr. Andre Pinesett and I have been the under-performing, stressed out student, so I completely understand what you’re going through.

I then developed a revolutionary new approach to studying and time management that changed everything for me and enabled me to DOMINATE college and get into Stanford Medical School.

Over the last 15+ years, I have helped thousands of students get motivated, get better grades with less studying, become insanely successful and ultimately get into the medical school or grad school of their choice.

I am on a mission to prove that school doesn’t have to be hard and that ANY student (including you) can be great!


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