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" Honest advice from an expert that you can't get anywhere else! I have found that Dr. Pinesett provides honest and one of a kind advice that has saved me lots of time and grief. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Pinesett for sharing your wisdom and kindness. "

- Domenica O.

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Now you just want to show medical schools how awesome you are but you aren’t quite sure how to do it and you don’t want to pay for an expensive application review. 

I know it seems like you only have 3 less-than-ideal options:

Option 1: Go at it alone and hope that things work out.

Option 2: Go to one of those internet forums, online groups, or med school app review marketplaces and hope that some anonymous internet person or random “insider” actually knows what they are talking about and gives you quality guidance.

Option 3: Hire one of those “application gurus” to review your materials and beef up your application, oh and spend thousands of dollars in the process. 

Do any of those 3 have you jumping for joy? Didn’t think so.

Everything You Need to Secure Your Medical School Acceptance.  

This course gives you the ultimate premed advisor and mentor on-demand.
Don’t take it from me, listen to my students:

Jesslyn 1st generation premed admitted as a reapplicant


Course Curriculum


General Principles

How to Make Your Application Stand Out


What Are My Chances of Getting in?

Is This My Year?

Application Timeline

How Many Medical Schools Should I Apply To?

There's a Think Line Between Accepted and Rejected

Submitting Your Transcripts

Submitting Your MCAT Scores

Step 1: Dominate College

Step 2: Dominate The Medical School Application

Step 3: Dominate Medical School

Step 4: Dominate the Match

Step 5: Dominate Residency

The True Cost of Becoming a Doctor

The True Cost of Being A Doctor

Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Doctor?

Is #DoctorLife For You?

Why #DoctorLife Is Right For Me

The 2 Requirements For A Fulfilling #DoctorLife

Why #DoctorLife Is The Best Life

Is #DoctorLife For You?

Other Heal Care Professions

Personal Statement Overview

Finding Your Passion

Finding Yourself

 Finding Your Theme And Story

Dr. Pinesett's Personal Statement

The Structure of The Perfect Personal Statement

Drafting Your Personal Statement

Overcoming Personal Statement Writer's Block

The 3 Absolute Must-Nots of The Personal Statement

Analysis of Dr. Pinesett's Personal Statement

Perfecting Your Personal Statement

Crafting A Quality Activities and Awards Section

Keywords For The Application Experiences Section

How To Choose Your 15 Experiences

Meaning Is More Important Than The Actual Activity

Components of the Experience Section of the Application

How To Write Experience Descriptions That Stand Out

Dr. Pinesett's Experience Descriptions

Secondary Applications The Easy Way

The Medical School Interview In A Nutshell

Waitlisted... Now What?

How To Send Application Updates

How To Choose A Medical School

How To Successfully Reapply

The Truth About Getting Into Medical School


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This is your chance to stop being average, take control of your life and unlock your greatness, don’t let it pass you by!

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Every year there are exceptional, qualified applicants who don’t get in.

Every year there are below average applicants who get in to top medical schools.

What’s the difference?

How effectively the applicant markets and presents his or herself on the application. Acceptance is in the execution. You have to sell yourself!

The problem is if you’re like most pre-meds you’re asking, “What does he mean ‘sell myself?’ I don’t even feel comfortable talking about myself.”

Be honest. Is that you?

As a premed, you’re constantly told to be humble, understated, and to only think about others. Now, all of a sudden medical schools want you to go against everything you know and write a well-constructed application and personal statement all about what makes you so amazing that they have to let you in.

I’m laughing because it is so ironic.

Don’t worry, I have studied personal statement composition and application strategy extensively. Even more importantly, I have studied marketing and written persuasiveness, which makes this course unlike anything else out there!

Hi, I'm Andre Pinesett, M.D., M.P.H.

As the first in my family to graduate college and pursue a medical degree I understand being on a tight budget but still wanting to put your best foot forward on your med school app.

I GET IT… and more importantly I DID IT and became part of the 2% of applicants accepted to Stanford Medical School and now get to practice Anesthesia.

I am on a mission to provide affordable, accurate, and effective guidance to premeds, particularly those that are disadvantaged and underrepresented, to ensure that any student and every student who wants to go to medical school and is willing to put in the work can realize their doctor dream.

This course will turn you into a med school application expert and you will know not only what medical schools are looking for, but more importantly HOW to give to them. Learn step-by-step how to create a personal statement and application that shows medical schools that you are a Premed Rockstar and have schools begging you to do them the honor of attending their medical school.


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