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" Honest advice from an expert that you can't get anywhere else! I have found that Dr. Pinesett provides honest and one of a kind advice that has saved me lots of time and grief. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Pinesett for sharing your wisdom and kindness. "

- Domenica O.

Submit the perfect application!


You just want to show medical schools how awesome you are but you aren’t quite sure how to do it and you don’t want to spend a fortune for application review. 

I know it seems like you only have 3 less-than-ideal options:

Option 1: Go at it alone and hope that things work out.

Option 2: Go to one of those internet forums, online groups, or med school app review marketplaces and hope that some anonymous internet person or random “insider” actually knows what they are talking about and gives you quality guidance.

Option 3: Hire one of those “application gurus” to review your materials and beef up your application, oh and spend thousands of dollars in the process. 

Do any of those 3 have you jumping for joy? Didn’t think so.

Hi, I'm Andre Pinesett, M.D., M.P.H.

As the first in my family to graduate college and pursue a medical degree I understand being on a tight budget but still wanting to put your best foot forward on your med school app.

I GET IT… and more importantly I DID IT and became part of the 2% of applicants accepted to Stanford Medical School and now get to practice Anesthesia.

I am on a mission to provide affordable, accurate, and effective guidance to premeds, particularly those that are disadvantaged and underrepresented, to ensure that any student and every student who wants to go to medical school and is willing to put in the work can realize their doctor dream.

This course will turn you into a med school application expert and you will know not only what medical schools are looking for, but more importantly HOW to give to them.

Learn step-by-step how to create a personal statement and application that shows medical schools that you are a Premed Rockstar and have schools begging you to do them the honor of attending their medical school.


Everything You Need to Secure Your Medical School Acceptance.  

This course gives you the ultimate premed advisor and mentor on-demand.
Don’t take it from me, listen to my students:

Jesslyn 1st generation premed admitted as a reapplicant


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This is your chance to learn how to craft an irresistible personal statement and application, don’t let it pass you by!

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is focused exclusively on teaching you step-by-step how to write the perfect personal statement, compose a flawless application and ultimately sell yourself effectively to medical schools so that you can gain admission. I have a separate course that covers everything you need to know about succeeding in college and building a stellar pre-med profile, click HERE.

What if you knew exactly what to write and how to write to make your personal statement pop? That is what this course does for you. I literally walk you step-by-step through drafting a flawless personal statement. We start with helping you identify the strength of your pre-med profile and crafting an appealing narrative for yourself. Then, you will walk through various exercises that help you construct each of the key components of an impactful personal statement that will make the admissions committee member who is reading your application feel like they know you personally and be invested in you successfully getting admitted.

The biggest issues students face in putting their application together is that they don’t know who they are and how they should present themselves to medical schools. This is reflected in difficulty deciding which activities to put on the application, which should be selected as the most meaningful and then experiencing writer’s block in trying to compose the descriptions. I will help you identify who you are and how you should present yourself to medical schools. I then walk you through each component of the application and show you all the little things that make a huge difference in getting accepted. You will know what to include, what to write and after you hit the submit button, you will feel confident that you put together the best application possible as you wait for the interview invites to roll in.

Yes, it does, but more importantly it helps you develop your application theme and narrative so that completing secondaries takes less time and requires minimal effort. With a strong foundation, you will be able to present a singular view of yourself that makes it clear who you are and what makes you so special so that it is completely obvious to medical schools why you are the candidate they have been looking for.

This is not a medical school interview prep course, I do offer a course that teaches you how to crush your interviews, click HERE. In this course, you will learn what you need to do in your application to secure your interview, and you will understand how the interview effects your medical school admissions chances.

This course is not an MCAT prep course. I do offer an MCAT prep course, click HERE. This course will teach you how the MCAT impacts your medical school application and will teach you how to make yourself stand out because of your exceptional MCAT and if you need it, will teach you how to hide your abysmal MCAT score.

Yes, it does. Many students utilize 2nd look weekends incorrectly, this course will help you make the most of the weekend, so you can have all the information you need to choose the perfect medical school.

Does it ever!!! In the letters of recommendation section of this course you will learn about aspects of the letter of recommendation that you never even knew existed and will feel confident your letters of recommendation will be impactful and exactly what you need to secure your acceptance.

Yes, it does. A well-written, well-timed thank you note can be the difference between accepted and rejected. What side do you want to be on?

Yes, if you are a reapplicant you need this course. First, I am sorry that your first time applying was not successful. The year you apply to medical school is expensive and extremely stressful, so I don’t envy that you have to redo the process. With that said, if you are like most reapplicants, you are unsure what you could have done better in your application. You will learn everything there is to know about the application and be able to break down your application to make the changes required to get your acceptance. One of my students applied last year and didn’t get a single interview. She took this course, replied this year and is turning down interview invites because she already has multiple acceptances. This could be you.

Yes, Canadian students can benefit from this course. Regardless of where you are from, medical schools have a clear idea of what they want to see in the application. This course will teach you everything you need to know about what American medical schools are looking for and how you can present yourself in the best light, so you can gain acceptance. One of my student coaches is from Canada and used this course to apply to medical school.

I have studied what it takes to be a successful student and pre-med for over 15 years. In that time, I have spoken to deans, admissions committee members, I have gone behind the scenes of medical school admissions. I am the leading expert in all things pre-med. Universities and organizations around the country bring me in to educate students on succeeding as a pre-med and the medical school admissions process.

I was told I would never get into medical school because I was average. I became exceptional (using the strategies you will learn in this course) and I got into Stanford Medical School. Beyond getting myself into medical school, I have helped countless students maximize their potential and get into medical school. Of those students I have helped dozens of students attend medical school on scholarship. This course lays out the roadmap or pre-med success, if you put the work in (this is huge) and follow my instructions you will also find yourself accepted to medical school.

Every student thinks their situation or problem is unique. The reality is that you are not the only one going through what you are going through. I know this because I have had so many students pull me aside at events and say that they have a unique situation that requires individual coaching. Hundreds of students have told me their “unique situation” and without fail, I am always able to reassure them that they are not alone, and that their issue is covered in this course. This course is comprehensive, and I update it constantly to reflect nuances of pre-med to make sure you get the best and most comprehensive information. To summarize, you don’t need individual coaching, what you need is to enroll in this course, so you can get informed and be your own pre-med application coach.

Yes, I do offer application coaching. While this course is comprehensive, some students desire extra support. For this reason, I offer group coaching through my “Annual Medical School Application Bootcamp”. Through this boot camp, students will meet with me weekly and are able to have their personal statement and application reviewed and revised. I also offer individual personal statement and application coaching. You can find more information and enroll HERE.

No, I DO NOT offer refunds. Why? 3 reasons!

    • Because I am an expert in mindset training. By not offering refunds for my courses, I force students to think long and hard about enrolling. Then they have to make a firm decision to enroll. This creates mental buy-in and students fully commit to doing the work and getting better. Commitment is the key to Success.
    • The commitment is so important because what I teach is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what most students learn about studying and academic success. Things that are different or challenge our belief systems can be aversive and cause us to want to quit or reject the teaching. Case and point, my study course is called The 5 Pillars of Studying Less & Getting Better Grades. I have had university administrators buck at the title and ask if it is an error. I laugh, and then explain that although most people think the more students study the better they learn, it is not true because as they advance in their education, they aren’t able to create more time and then they feel overwhelmed and their performance suffers. By teaching students to study as little as possible (I myself only studied 10 hours total per week in college) it allows students to live a life of joy, abundance and efficiency such that they always have the time and energy they need to perform. By forcing students to think about and then commit to using my course, then they will not disregard the teaching, they will dive in and they will succeed!
    • My courses are research-based and experience-proven. I am a true learning and student performance expert. I have worked with thousands of students and across the board, students who are willing to learn and willing to put in the work, get the RESULTS! I’m committed to bringing my students the best teaching, innovative strategies and unflinching support. I am committed to making their dreams come true, so I demand that they also commit to making their dreams come true.
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