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Can I share a few facts
with you?
More than half of high school “high achievers” struggle in college
Nearly 50% of college students are not academically prepared
28% of college students drop out before sophomore year
1 in 5 college students report that anxiety has affected their academic performance
Crazy, right? And the worst part is that this is completely avoidable!
Hi, I’m Andre Pinesett, M.D., M.P.H.

a Stanford Medical School Graduate, and I am here to help you transform into an unstoppable, stress-free student.

I was almost a statistic. But, I dedicated myself to uncovering the secrets of successful students and developed an innovative study system that allowed me to dominate college while only studying 10 hours (total per week) and graduate in the top 5% of my Stanford Medical School class.

Now, I am on a mission to empower 1 million students and prove that any student can get straight A’s and can do it while having fun, being healthy and genuinely enjoying studying.

The Total Student Transformation or TST for short is my life-changing group coaching program designed to take students, no matter where they are academically and transform them into confident, independent and unstoppable students who experience unprecedented success.

The 3 Components of the TST Coaching Program

The core of the TST is the most advanced, practical, versatile and comprehensive study system ever created!

I debunk much of what you think you know about studying and replace it with a complete learning system that will double your study efficiency, allowing you to study less and get better grades.

Designed to transform you into an efficient, focused, and happy student.


Bi-weekly Live Coaching Sessions

My courses alone are more than enough to make you an elite student. But, I want to make sure that you have EVERYTHING YOU NEED and that you are EXECUTING the systems you are learning so I will be hosting live, bi-weekly coaching sessions to keep you accountable and on track with your goals.

Deep Dive Into your course work and real student challenges - In these sessions, we will deep-dive into program members’ challenges including reviewing real student notes, discussing attack plans for upcoming coursework and overcoming any academic obstacle in your way.

**1 hour of coaching with Dr. Pinesett is normally $395, you get ~$1,200 worth of coaching monthly!


Dr. Pinesett's Study Less & Get Better Grades Community

Having this exclusive, INFORMED and POSITIVE community to support you and hold you accountable is invaluable. No more feeling alone, no more having no one to turn to. You now have an extended family of students who are striving to be the best and won't let you settle for less than your best!


How is the TST different from everything else?

You can be rest assured that this program is unrivaled when it comes to its transformative capabilities, unparalleled expert content, and proven academic and personal growth strategies.

Advanced Mindset Training

Your mind is either your greatest enemy or your greatest ally, I will teach you how to develop a healthy mindset that propels you forward. You will be empowered by this program by learning that IQ and academic ability *are *not static. Your brain is a muscle and can be developed. Your study skills and classroom performance can be improved. You will also learn how to get and stay motivated and how to deal with adversity and hardship effectively so it never stands in the way of your academic success again.

Innovative & Unrivaled Study System

By combining extensive scientific research and over 15 years of trial and error in various academic settings, I have developed a success system that is universally applicable. It focuses on empowering students to manage their time and themselves better — helping them become more engaged, independent, confident, and fulfilled in the classroom.

Real Transformations

Unlike stand-alone courses or books that are out there, this program is not about trading money for knowledge, it is about transforming members into high-performing, happy students who get unheard of results. You have unlimited potential, and through consistent work in this program, you will reach it.

No Excuses, Just Dominate!

The Total Student Transformation is all about No Excuses, Just Dominate. I understand that students have issues and have obstacles, but we choose to view them as excuses and work to find the solutions to overcome. This program is about lifelong learning and continually developing students. There is always more to learn, opportunities for better execution, and ways to become more efficient and confident as a student.

Student-centric Compassionate Coaching

While you’re in this program you will see first-hand that I live for this. This is undoubtedly my passion, and I am 1000% invested in your success. At all times I lead by example and over-deliver for you and my other students.


The course not only shows you exactly what you need to succeed academically, but it also gives you the tools to live the way you want to live. That's powerful!

- Evans Okonkwo
No matter who you are, this revolutionary system can help you!
Are You a College Student Like Uttam or Daryl?
Are you Working full-time and Going to School like Sasha?

I have been struggling with my online summer classes because it was taking me so long to get through the material. I’m only 45% through this course and already my time spent drowning in material has been practically been cut in half. I’ve learned how to optimize my surroundings, cut out unnecessary time consuming habits, how to effectively schedule and plan my learning sessions. Summer I was all Cs for me.  This course has not only helped me succeed in acheiving better grades but helped me recover some of my sanity too. I work 50-55 hours as a bank manager and school was taking up every minute of my free time before this course. It would have taken years to find this information on my own.  Dr Pinesett is an amazing human being and one of the most brilliant minds I have come across in a long time.

- Sasha Cannon
Are you a Parent and a Student like Elizabeth?
I took physics 2 during the summer in 6 weeks. I had already started this course before my physics class but I was so nervous about utilizing the new technique so I did my regular old studying on the first exam and pulled out a 77%. I was heartbroken and angry at myself for being so foolish. I then started to use Dr. Pinesett's teachings and on my next 2 exams and the final I was able to get As and raise my final grade to a 93%! If you want to save your GPA and get good grades then use this course! I cannot recommend it more and even sent an email out to my entire physics class telling them how I saved my grade. In addition, I started the first 2 weeks out by studying 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. By the end of the 6 weeks I was studying at most 3 hours a day 4 days a week. I literally studied less and got better grades. It was remarkable. It gave me more time on the weekends to spend with my family and not feel pressured to stay indoors and miss out on my summer fun. BEST SUMMER CLASS EVER
- Elizabeth Daire-Delgadillo
Are you a High School Student like Carlos?
Are you a Non-traditional Student or Pre-med like Brandt?

Pricing Options

One Time Payment Plan:
$699 Initiation + $18/m
The TST Coaching Program gives you access to:
The Successful Student 21-Day Mindset Makeover course
How to Dominate the MCAT Without an Expensive Prep Class
The 5 Pillars of Studying Less & Getting Better Grades study system
Bi-weekly LIVE group coaching
Bonus Courses
Break your initiation fee into affordable monthly payments!
Andre Pinesett

I’m Dr. Andre Pinesett and I have been the under-performing, stressed out student so I completely understand and empathize with your struggles.

After a rough (to put it kindly) freshman year, my college counselor told me that my dream of becoming a doctor was dead. She told me that I wasn't exceptional and didn't have what it takes to get top grades and get into medical school. It was hard to hear, but it was the wake up call that drove me to transform my studying and transform my life. I became obsessed with learning the keys to effective, efficient studying and maximizing student performance. I started reading every book, and taking every course I could; I literally studied studying (not a typo) every single day. Before long, I was not only getting A's, but I was doing it in only a quarter of the study time I used to spend. People couldn't believe it!

I DOMINATED college and graduated from Stanford Medical School in the top 5% of my class by developing a revolutionary new approach to studying that changed everything for me. For 15+ years, I have refined and evolved this system, helping hundreds of other students achieve similar unprecedented results along the way.

Now, I am on a mission to empower more students with my system and prove that ANY student can be great!

I Am Fully Committed To Your Success

This system is actionable and focused on being as practical as possible for you. This is not learning and studying theory. You will learn tangible, step-by-step processes to absolutely and unquestionably improve the quality of your studying, your grades and the overall quality of your life.

Making you happier, healthier, and more successful is the goal, and we will accomplish it together.

With my vast experience coaching and empowering students over 15+ years, I am in a unique position to help you identify the exact source of your struggles and develop effective plans for moving from survival mode to domination.

I can assure you that there is nothing else like this out there because my expertise in developing students is unparalleled. I am paid to travel to universities around the country to teach students and faculty the same innovative strategies you will be learning. You are guaranteed results as long as you commit yourself and apply my methodologies.
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